“Though My Heart is Torn” by Joanne Bischof

“Though My Heart is Torn” picks up where Be Still My Soul (book 1) left us–Lonnie’s and Gideon’s marriage is growing stronger each day, along with their young son, Jacob.  Gideon is finally making the changes necessary to be fully devoted to his gentle and faithful wife and son. But Gideon’s previous actions are quickly closing in on them.  Plans are put into place to coerce them to return to their childhood homes and face the allegations of a previous marriage.  Will Lonnie be forced to give up the only man she has ever loved?  Will Gideon prove faithful, or that he really has not changed from his roaming ways?  
“Though My Heart is Torn” is the second book in The Cadence of Grace series. Joanne Bischof has skillfully woven a tale that tears at your heart as you read the anguish of Lonnie, Gideon, and even Cassie–Gideon’s alleged first wife.   I found myself not able to put the book down desperately searching for some sort of happiness for Lonnie.  Although I felt as if her pain was actually tangible and right in from of me, I found it difficult to read the endless amounts of seemingly unfair suffering she underwent in this book.  Still, her faith in God did not wavier.  In fact she clung to Him even more for strength.  I am anxious to read the third and final book of The Cadence of Grace series, “My Hope Is Found.”
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
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