“Clouds” by Robin Jones Gunn

Next door neighbors, Jonathon Renfield and Shelly Graham, grew up together, did everything together, were best friends, until all that changed over one dinner after high school and a question gone wrong. Shelly fled to start fresh, but five years later her path has led her back to all her memories.  On a trip to Germany, she stumbles across her childhood best friend, Jonathon, but now he is engaged.  Devastated, she returns back to the States to repair her broken heart.  But the Repairer surprised her by calling her by name.  Shelly finally realizes that she has been running away for a long time, and finally answers God’s call.  Now Shelly begins waiting on God’s timing, wondering if she will ever find the right man for her, trying not to think about the fact that Jonathon had been THE one.
Clouds is book 5 out of 8 in The Glenbrooke Series.  Although I want to go and read the other 7 books, I did not need to have read them in order to follow the story line. Well written and uplifting, Clouds is about friendship, and discovering what real love is, when to fight for a friendship and when to let go.  Above all, Clouds is about how God calls each one of us by name. Although fictional, Robin Jones Gunn writes about topics and events that connect with all of her readers.  Even during job loss, relocation, and the ups and downs of relationships, true contentment and joy are found in Christ Jesus. God does have a plan for you.
To purchase any of the books in The Glenbrooke Series, please visit http://www.amazon.com.
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. 
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